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ThirtyPlus Hay Preservative

Available through our professional CNHi dealer network


ThirtyPlus the brand you can trust


A quality baled hay/straw preservative conserving high moisture hay/straw up to 30% moisture without the need for plastic


 Benefits of ThirtyPlus


Dedicated hay and straw preservative

Bale up to 30% moisture, untreated hay is not safe to bale over 16% moisture

Effective control of bacteria and mould, stops fermentation and heating

Preservative and equipment from same manufacturer for total package and back up

Stack into your barn after baling with confidence

Higher moisture hay is more leaf retention, less tedding, higher protein, higher energy, greener hay, less time from cutting to bale, less operational cost, less weather risk

Treated hay, more milk and meat production

Quality mould and dust free, perfect for horses and livestock

Propionic acid is a natural organic acid found in the horses gut and in the rumen of all livestock

6.0pH non-corrosive on machinery, safe to handle, will not rust your baler, rain water 6.5pH

Low application rate to maximise your baling speed

Potentially an extra 30% longer baling day, start baling earlier, finish baling later

Stable will not evaporate in the bale, does not evaporate as it is sprayed onto the crop

Formulated to reduce wind drift when spraying

Formulated to stick to the crop and for even coverage

Litre for litre the strongest hay preservative on the market, typically 2-3 times stronger than other buffered propionic acids, weaker products will slow down baling speed due to high application rates


 ThirtyPlus vrs. others


Treated 16% to 22%        Untreated 16% to 22%

Treated 22% to 26%        Untreated 22% to 26%

Treated 26% to 30%        Untreated 26% to 30%


ThirtyPlus hay and straw preservative


This product does what it says on the can, controls mould, bacteria and stops high moisture hay from heating, totally machinery safe at 6.0pH. Bale with confidence upto 30% moisture. The automatic applicator system is controlled through the tractor or baler ISOBUS antenna or through a Bluetooth connection to an iPad and this is the only accurate moisture system on the market applying ThirtyPlus to within 0.1 of a litre to your baling speed and moisture changes on the go for perfect results

ThirtyPlus Preservative uses propionic acid that is a uniquely buffered to a non-corrosive pH of 6.0, that is totally non-corrosive to the machinery, and the operator handles a much safer product. Citric Acid is also included, which retains crop colour, smell and "freshness"

ThirtyPlus will allow the operator to gain on average 30% more output per day by starting the baling operation earlier and finishing later in the day, which is more baler productivity and profit from the operation. In a good year or dry climate approximately 20% of the hay is often spoilt or can be sub-standard due to moisture fluctuations in the crop. Most of the crop may be dry (below 16% moisture) but there will invariably be some that is not and it is the damp crop which must be treated to prevent spoilage. Moistures will fluctuate due to many factors such as high soil moisture, changes in yield and the tedding operation.  Hay baling in every climate a moisture change of 5% every 6 meter along a 100 metre swath is common and this range will be bigger if the drying operation is of poor quality when driving at too high a speed with the tedder or using a machine which is not setup correctly.


We now offer the complete package:

Under 30% moisture ThirtyPlus for hay preservation

Over 30% moisture Silage Plus for haylage/silage


The latest technology automatic applicator systems for accurate application, moisture management and traceability


There is no substitute for the highest quality and low operating cost that ThirtyPlus offers every baler operator and end user


ThirtyPlus Preservative MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)


Video:  Austrian farmer/farm contractor talking in German about Thirty Plus preservative and the equipment