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Bull Flex Tarpaulin


Currently holding only a limited supply of Bull Flex tarpaulins, and are supplying the well proven Performer range of tarpualins, please go to our Performer Tarpaulin page

Performer Tarpaulin

The only proven tarpaulin on the market with the unique Super Cinch Tie-Down System


It pays to protect your bales, round or square, hay or straw with a Tarpaulin system that works, please head for our Performer page for the information you require

Performer Tarpaulin



Testimony to the proof of the strength of the Performer Tarpaulin is in the picture below


Hurricane force winds at 70 miles per hour or more over 3 days dismantles the shed and the galvanised tin from the shed roof flying into the Performer Tarpaulin and cutting the sheet, but the sheet remains in position


The power of the wind

The power of wind and the strength of the Performer