New Holland CropSaver

CropSaver New Holland has proved its commitment to the European farmer, supplying equipment to not only enhance their baler range of large square, round and small square balers, but also dedicated themselves to the process of quality hay and straw production, now with ISOBUS integration onto the IntelliView IV monitor or ISOBUS tractor monitor or with BlueTooth to your iPad

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New Holland Conventional Baler


CropSaver for New Holland Conventional Small Square Balers:

Moisture Monitor

Upgrade from Moisture Monitor to full automatic applicator

Automatic applicator 300 & 600 series

Traceability - Wet Bale Dye Marker 

Front Linkage options

Electronic Manual applicators standard output 


300 series CropSaver Automatic Applicator control

600 & 300 series Automatic Applicator control

Wet Bale Dye Marker

New 300 Series New Holland CropSaver YouTube

New Holland CropSaver YouTube


Complete control with either ISOBus or iPad control through Bluetooth 

IPad controlISOBUS connection


CropSaver 300 Series Automatic Application Systems for conventional small square balers


600 series ISOBus Automatic Applicator systems 


CropSaver 600 Series Moisture Pro

Moisture Pro is a Moisture monitoring system that will measure the moisture in the bale from 8-32%.  The Moisture Pro is readily able to accept any of the following CropSaver modules depending on your individual requirements. Job records are fully downloadable with Moisture Pro. 


CropSaver 600 Series Automatic Applicator

The CropSaver 600 series automatic applicators are built and designed for the professional farmer, contractor or specialist hay producer and will accurately apply CropSaver Preservative onto hay and straw with moisture contents up to 30% and prevent heating and mould growth

The CropSaver applicator will cope with the high output and demand of the professional large scale farmer, specialist hay producer and farm contractor using a conventional small square baler with baling speeds up to 36 tonnes per hour. The CropSaver system enabling you to precisely apply CropSaver Preservative at rates of between 1.9 and 7.4 litres per tonne depending upon moisture content, which is accurately recorded from 8% to 32% within 1 percentage point of accuracy

In addition to the above features the 600 series is equipped with extra sensors for increased accuracy, along with job records that can be downloaded to the user’s computer.  The system can operate the Bale Marker system which would allow the user to automatically mark a bale that is out of the preferred moisture range.


CropSaver 600 Series use an accurate star wheel system, combined with a baling rate sensor to monitor the balers output.  As baling speeds and moisture change the CropSaver applicator will continually monitor and adjust the application of CropSaver


Bale Marker - Wet Bale Management

The Bale Marker is the easy and cost effective method to mark the bales that have high moisture spots. The Bale Marker can be linked directly into Moisture Pro system. The Bale Marker will spray a red food grade colour onto the bale flakes that have moisture readings above the alarm point. Marking high moisture bales allows the operator to store only bales within their preferred moisture range into the stack.  All the marked bales can be stored separately as the quality of these high moisture bales will be reduced and so they will dry out and not damage surrounding bales that are within the operators preferred range.  


CropSaver 300 Series Automatic Application Systems for Conventional Small Square Balers

New 300 Series New Holland CropSaver YouTube

New Holland CropSaver YouTube


300 Series Moisture Monitor

The CropSaver 300 Series Moisture Monitor is ideal for operators of round and conventional balers who want a straight-forward precision moisture monitor.
The moisture sensors are accurate to within 1% and take readings nine times a second, which are averaged every three seconds.
Moisture range: Conventional balers: 8-32%.

The 300 Series offers a premium specification for ease of use and simplicity. It comes as standard with a Bluetooth receiver to enable the system to be controlled using either an iPad or iPad Mini (not supplied)  

300 Series Automatic Applicator
As with all our Automatic Applicators, the 300 Series relies on highly accurate Star Wheels on conventional balers on both sides of the bale chamber.  

Instant response: The 300 Series Automatic Applicator features an improved flowmeter working through a single bypass pump, which supplies a constant pressure to a pulsating solenoid valve. This is capable of covering a wide range of application rates, but also provides improved response to variations moisture and an instant on/off. This has the added benefit of being simple to service and operate


Electronic Manual Applicator

This is a manually operated system for hay preservatives, silage inoculants and acid additives. The rate is manually controlled and so is designed for fixed rate application of hay, silage and haylage products.

 Application of hay preservative, inoculants and acids

The Electronic Manual applicator is ideally suited for use where a smaller amount of hay as baled

Applies a constant rate as set by the operator

Application rate can be adjusted by selecting different nozzles and pressure

Moisture readings determined using either a hand held probe or pad in the chamber, ideally for optimum efficiency a 600 Series or 300 Series moisture monitor system

Ideal for applying fixed rates of hay, haylage and silage preservative or inoculant

Upgrades available to apply premium buffered propionic acid for hay and straw  



600 & 300 series: The only accurate moisture sensing on the market with a range from 8-32% moisture

moisture sensing star wheels

 Moisture Accuracy Comparison