About Massey Ferguson HayBoss G2

Massey Ferguson has been providing HayBoss G2TM equipment and Baler's Choice preservative to its customers since 2010.  AGCO high quality complimentary baler parts are supplying the hay and straw producer with the optimum performance in the field.  The HayBoss G2TM range includes accurate moisture systems, automatic application equipment, high moisture bale marking, crop traceability, GPS yield mapping and RFV feed analysis with Alfalfa/Lucerne. Now with ISOBUS integration onto the MF C1000 monitor or tractor ISOBUS terminal or with iPad control

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Massey Ferguson HayBoss G2


HayBoss G2TM Hay & straw application, moisture & traceability equipment for all large square, round & conventional balers

 New: H2OTM Prcision Moisture Sensor & Wet Bale Dye Marker for Round Balers

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Full flexibility ISOBUS or the new IPad Control

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Systems available:


  • 600 HayBoss G2TM ISOBUS Automatic Applicators 

·                   Large Square

·                   Round

·                   Conventional Small Square


  • 300 HayBoss G2TM Automatic Applicator

·           Round

·           Conventional Small Square


  • 100 HayBoss G2TM Electronic Manual high output silage/haylage applicator

·           Large Square

·           Round

·           Front Linkage 100, 300, 600 Series


  • 100 HayBoss G2TM Electronic Manual Applicator

·          Conventional Small Square


  • Baler's Choice Hay Preservative

·           Large Square bale to a maximum of 27% moisture

§   Baler's Choice Hay Preservative

·           Round & Conventional bale to a maximum of 30% moisture

§   Baler's Choice Hay Preservative