Massey Ferguson HayBoss Automatic Applicator Equipment

Massey Ferguson has been providing HayBoss G2TM equipment and Baler's Choice preservative to its customers since 2010.  AGCO high quality complimentary baler parts are supplying the hay and straw producer with the optimum performance in the field.  The HayBoss G2TM range includes accurate moisture systems, automatic application equipment, high moisture bale marking, crop traceability, GPS yield mapping and RFV feed analysis with Alfalfa/Lucerne. Now with ISOBUS integration onto the MF C1000 monitor or tractor ISOBUS terminal or with iPad control

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Massey Ferguson Round Baler Automatic Applicator Equipment


The Massey Ferguson HayBoss G2TM for all Round Baler Applicators, Moisture Meters & Wet Bale Markers


Applicators for Round Balers

2022 - Selection Guide


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NEW 300 Series HayBoss Automatic Applicators now available!

Hay preservative can be used to bale large round bales between 16% and 30% moisture, with a custom built to baler 200-litre application system.


The system mounts to the top at the front of the baler and holds enough preservative to treat up to 100 tonnes of hay. Depending on your need, choose the new 300 series automatic system, a 700 series commercial automatic system, an Electronic Manual system, or a CZ-Semi-Auto unit with either Harvest Tec custom built tank to fit Fendt round balers or a basic tank to fabricate to the Fendt baler

MF Round Tank fitting



Moisture Sensors for Round Balers


Automatic systems for round balers are equipped with two moisture sensing discs, one mounted on each of the baler side walls, sensing moisture across the width of the bale via conductivity. The sensors can accurately read crop moisture from 8% to 60%, covering a wide range of moisture levels.

Moisture discs for round balers


Product Specs

All applicators come as complete kits designed to fit your specific baler, and consist of:

§  100 or 200 litre tank

§  12 volt pumping system

§  All plumbing and wiring supplied

§  Your choice of control options


Control Options for Round Balers

Click the link to see more info on the available control options or use the helpful chart below

Comparison of Applicator Controls

  Electronic Applicator 300 Series Automatic 600 Series Automatic
Single Pump System X X  
3-Pump Manifold     X
Control Box with Adjustable Dial X    
iPad Display   X X
IOSBUS Display     X
Built-in Flowmeter   X X
Automatic Application   X X
Moisture Sensing Capability   X X
Job Records by Field   X X
Job Records by Individual Bales     X
Calculates Baling Rate: Round Baler     X
Calculates Baling Rate: Small Square Baler, Large Square Baler   X X
Export Job Records to iPad     X
Hay Indicator Compatible X X X
Stroke Counter on Small Square Baler     X
Dye Sprayer Kit Compatible: Small Square Baler, Large Square Baler     X
Tagger Compatible: Large Square Baler     X


Wet Bale Management  -  Optional for H2O standalone moisture meters only


Now available for Round Balers is the Harvest Tec Dye Marker, this system will mark "wet" bales that are over the high moisture that is set by the operator

Round Baler Moisture Disc


HayBoss G2TM  Precision Moisture Sensor systems are the core component allowing the owner to both maximise the output of their baler, but also the quality of the bale they produce


Front Linkage Options:

Front mounted HayBoss applicator

The 300 Series Automatic Applicator is also available for Front linkage application


The new CZ Semi-Automatic Applicator supplied with a Harvest Tec custom built tank to mount specifically on the baler make and model, or can be supplied with a generic tank, which the customer will be required to fabrication to the baler


HayBoss G2TM High Output Electronic Manual Applicator Systems for round balers. This is a manually operated system for silage inoculants and acid additives. The rate is manually controlled and so is designed for fixed rate application of silage and haylage products.

Application of inoculants and acid, the new Electronic Manual High Output applicator is ideally suited for use with modern, high output fixed and variable chamber round balers and large square balers

Applies a constant rate as set by the operator

Application rate can be adjusted by selecting different nozzles and pressure


Moisture readings determined using a H2O Standalone Moisture Meter for optimum efficiency. The only accurate moisture sensing on the market with a range from 6-60% moisture