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Harvest Tec equipment for John Deere has proved its commitment to the European farmer, supplying equipment to not only enhance their baler range, but also dedicated themselves to the process of quality hay and straw production, now with either ISOBUS or IPad control via Bluetooth


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Baler Applicators, Moisture Meters (Sensors), Traceability and much more for the John Deere baler range


Harvest Tec & Baler's Choice are available through our entire professional John Deere dealer network, within UK, Europe, Africa & the Middle East


Hay & straw application equipment, moisture & traceability for all John Deere Large Square, Round & Conventional Balers


iPad control via Bluetooth or through ISOBus connection

IPad controlISOBUS connection



Applicator Equipment Available:

  • Automatic Applicator 600 Series, ISOBus or iPad Controlled


  • Automatic Applicator 300 series, iPad Controller


  • Electronic Manual Applicator high output silage/haylage


    • Front Linkage
      • Electronic Manual Applicator high output silage/haylage
      • Electronic Manual 100 Series Extra high output Applicator
      • Automatic 300 Series Applicator
      • Automatic 600 Series Applicator



  • Baler's Choice Hay Preservative
    • Large Square bale to a maximum of 27% moisture
    • Round & Conventional bale to a maximum of 30% moisture