Fendt HayBoss G2 Automatic Applicator Equipment

Fendt has been providing HayBoss G2 equipment and Baler's Choice preservative to its customers since 2012.  High quality products from Fendt are supplying the hay and straw producer the optimum performance in the field.  The HayBoss G2 range includes accurate moisture systems, automatic application equipment, high moisture bale marking, crop traceability and GPS yield mapping. Now with ISOBUS integration onto the Fendt C1000 monitor or tractor ISOBUS terminal or with iPad control

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Front Linkage Applicators


Front Linkage applicators


Front Linkage options

HayBoss G2TM  Electronic Manual XHI (extra high output) applicators (Large Square & Round)

HayBoss G2TM  Electronic Manual Standard applicators (Conventional Small Square)

HayBoss G2TM  300 Series Automatic (Conventional Small Square and Round only

HayBoss G2TM  600 series Automatic applicator (All balers, generally large square)

Traceability - Wet Bale Dye Marker (H2O, 300 & 600 series)



The launch of the Front Linkage applicator system provides the versatility of a baler mounted tank, but with a larger 420 litre tank that will allow longer time between refills, which depends on your requirements.  There are a variety of Front Linkage options, from the Electronic Manual to the 300 & 600 series automatic applicator range and various add on attachments like the wet bale marker.


Fendt Front Linkage Applicators for balers and forage wagons