Fendt HayBoss G2 Automatic Applicator Equipment

Fendt has been providing HayBoss G2 equipment and Baler's Choice preservative to its customers since 2012.  High quality products from Fendt are supplying the hay and straw producer the optimum performance in the field.  The HayBoss G2 range includes accurate moisture systems, automatic application equipment, high moisture bale marking, crop traceability and GPS yield mapping. Now with ISOBUS integration onto the Fendt C1000 monitor or tractor ISOBUS terminal or with iPad control

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Fendt Large Square baler


Automatic Applicator complete control with either ISOBUS baler terminal, through tractor terminal or the optional Bluetooth Antenna for iPad or iPad Mini control


C1000 MF baler monitorIPad control


HayBoss G2TM Large Square Baler options:

Moisture Monitor

Moisture Monitor MF 2300

Moisture Pro

Upgrade from Moisture Monitor to full automatic applicator

Upgrade from Moisture Pro to full automatic applicator

Automatic applicator 600 series

Traceability - Wet Bale Dye Marker, Tagging, RVF Analysis (Alfalfa/Lucerne)

Front Linkage options 


Electronic Manual applicators high output


HayBoss G2TM Modular system to suit any Massey Ferguson large square baler

600 series HayBoss G2TM is a complete application system for the Massey Ferguson 2200 series Baler.  Accurate moisture monitoring, applying Baler’s Choice preservative to add up to 30% more baler output, offering complete traceability from field to end user.  HayBoss G2TM is fully integrated to the 2200 series baler with the entire information displayed on the C1000 monitor or via the tractors ISObus monitor


Where ISOBUS is not available or not required the unit can be controlled by your iPad via the Bluetooth antenna


HayBoss G2TM Moisture Monitor (Moisture Monitor) is a fully integrated moisture system and will accurately measure moisture to within -/+1% in all crops with a range of 8-72%.  The live information is displayed on the screen with the average for the previous bale.



HayBoss G2TM Moisture Pro is a fully integrated moisture system and all HayBoss modules can be added via plug & play


HayBoss G2TM Automatic Applicatorutilise the accurate moisture readings and balers’ sensors to monitor baler output and adjust the amount Baler’s Choice applied. With change in moisture or baling speed HayBoss G2TM will adjust the system to within 0.1 litre per tonne.  If the baler does not have a weigh scale or electronic bale length as an option then the operator will enter these figures and HayBoss G2TM calculates baler output.  When turning on headlands crops eyes will automatically pause the applicator so no preservative is wasted.  If a blockage occurs, when PTO speed drops HayBoss will again automatically pause.


HayBoss G2TM Wet Bale Marker will spray a red food grade colour mark onto the portion of the bale which has exceeded the operators alarm point.  The alarm point is set according to the operators preference.  The bales with red marks are easily identified and can be stacked separately from the bales which are within the operators parameters.  Managing the bale quality with moisture parameters is simple but effective using the Bale Marker.


HayBoss G2TM Tagger provides crop inventory control and traceability from field to end user.  Bales can be traced from the field to stack and to the end user. Using a GPS antenna the location of where the bale was produced is recorded along with moisture, weight, unique bale ID, date and time.  Scanning the bales can be done with a hand scanner, loader mounted or a drive through portal scanner.  The portal scanner will record the entire load as it is driven through the portal frame. (Tagger currently not available in the EU region)


HayBoss G2TM options are available for all Massey Ferguson series balers including 100, 2100, 2200 & 2300 series.



The most accurate moisture meter on the market reading from 8-72% moisture

Fendt Moisture Star-Wheels

Moisture Accuracy Comparison 


High Output Electronic Manual Applicators

HayBoss G2TM High Output Electronic Manual Applicator Systems for large square balers

This is a manually operated system for silage inoculants and acid additives. The rate is manually controlled and so is designed for fixed rate application of silage and haylage products.

Application of inoculants and acids


The new Electronic Manual High Output applicator is ideally suited for use with modern, high output large square balers

Applies a constant rate as set by the operator

Application rate can be adjusted by selecting different nozzles and pressure

Moisture readings determined using either a hand held probe or ideally for optimum efficiency a 600 Series or 300 Series moisture monitor system

Ideal for applying fixed rates of silage preservative or inoculant


Upgrades available to apply premium buffered propionic acid for hay and straw