Fendt HayBoss G2 Automatic Applicator Equipment

Fendt has been providing HayBoss G2 equipment and Baler's Choice preservative to its customers since 2012.  High quality products from Fendt are supplying the hay and straw producer the optimum performance in the field.  The HayBoss G2 range includes accurate moisture systems, automatic application equipment, high moisture bale marking, crop traceability and GPS yield mapping. Now with ISOBUS integration onto the Fendt C1000 monitor or tractor ISOBUS terminal or with iPad control

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Fendt Large Square baler



Automatic Applicator complete control with either ISOBUS baler terminal, through tractor terminal or the optional Bluetooth Antenna for iPad or iPad Mini control





Large Square Baler Applicators

2022 - Selection Guide

(Applicator Part Numbers)


Introducing the New 700 Series Automatic Applicator for Large Square balers! This automatic applicator replaces the 600 series and will make adding preservative to your hay crop even easier and more efficient than ever before!


Layout of the 700 Series Components


Key Design Improvements

- Single bypass pump supplying constant pressure to pulsating solenoid valves for improved response time to changes in moisture. This means no lag in preservative application while pump has to build up pressure

- Improved flowmeter that works on a range of products

- Display applicator readings on dedicated Virtual Terminal, Apple tablet, or Android tablet o Free Precision Baling App from Apple iTunes or Google Play store when using an approved tablet.


Same industry leading accuracy for the 700 Series Automatic Applicator


Using side-to-side moisture reading technology, the automatic applicator reads crop moisture across the width of the bale near the front of the chamber via moisture sensing dual star wheel sensors for large square balers. The sensor will read crop moisture from 5% up to 70% for those customers that make high moisture bales as well as dry bales.

   Key New Features of the 700 Series Automatic Applicator

§  20% plus price reduction

§  Full Integration with Baler Monitor  or through the tractor ISOBUS with our four baler manufacture supply partners

§  Single pump means less maintenance

§  New style flow meter with improved reliability

§  Dual Pulsating Solenoids allow for large range of baling rates covered with each tip, and shuts product off to eliminate any dripping

§  Superior sealing Deutch plugs throughout harnesses

§  More reliable baling rate generated from internal star wheel encoder

§  Optional Harvest Tec dedicated monitor

§  Optional tablet monitor – use either Apple or Android approved devices

§  Update applicator settings while in operation

§  Reopen existing job record and add to it

§  Larger tips that prevent plugging at spray shield

§  Lower up-front cost on complete applicator



 Updates on the 700 Series System

Electronic Applicators (manual)

Operators that are interested in a more simplified system also have the option of an Electronic Applicators system for large square balers. Equipped with a high-capacity 420 litre tank mounted on the rear of the baler, and a control box in the cab of the tractor. The operator is in complete control of the application adjustments


Comparison of Applicator Controls

  Electronic Applicator 700 Series Automatic
Single Pump System X X
Control box with Adjustable Dial X  
iPad Display   X
Android Display   X
ISOBUS Display   X
Harvest Tec VT Display   X
Automatic Application   X
Moisture Sensing Capabilities   X
Job Records   X
Calculates Baling Rate   X
Hay Indicator Compatible (Crop Eyes) X X
Dye Marker Compatible   X
RFV Compatible   X
Microwave Moisture Compatible   X