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Hay Conditioner


TubeLine Hay Conditioner for the fastest wilt, less soil contamination, quality crimping, spreading and tedding for the best quality, greener, softer forage whether silage, haylage or hay









Advantages of the TubeLine Hay Accelerator

  • Conditioning and tedding in one pass
  • Less soil contamination than traditional tedders
  • Crimps the stem like a castle turret to allow the moisture out of the stem very quickly
  • Does not smash the grass like a traditional tedder
  • Rapid drying to beat the weather, can save up to a day on drying time
  • Less leaf loss, higher yields of crop to bale
  • Higher energy and protein, feed quality increase with more leaf retained
  • Softer greener hay of forage
  • High speed conditioning and tedding up to 15 miles per hour
  • Far quicker wilt
  • With the Fusion Merger you can merge rows
  • Total row inverted when using the merger,  the wet on the bottom of the windrow is turned to the top for the fastest wilt and drying


The fast, cost-effective way to reduce drying time, improves quality and increase profitability


The TubeLine Accelerator hay and silage conditioner is designed to provide far faster drying and tedding than would normally be achieved with a mower conditioner or by tedding and rowing up


Two crimping rollers bend and crack the stem to provide a far more aggressive conditioning action than a conditioning unit on a mower. In addition, the rollers accelerate the flow of the crop, crimp aggressively or gently depending on crop requirements, and this in conjunction with the crimping action leaves a ‘fluffed-up’ swath through which air can circulate far better than if it had just been tedded



Due to the improved crimping action, drying time can be reduced by as much as a day, helping you achieve improved timeliness, better quality and increased profitability. The risk of soil contamination is also reduced because the crop is lifted from the stubble, without touching the ground


 Spreading 6 meters