We hold a large amount of parts and stock, but do not hold everything and regularly shipping goods from the US to the UK and this involves air freight and USD purchases

Due to the mass upheaval in the market place we recommend that you order as early as possible, due to flight disruption. Transatlantic Passenger Flights have virtually ceased with air freight is not now being sent with passenger planes. Commercial Cargo Air Freight has increased flights to compensate, but air freighting is still restricted and goods for shipping could and will experience delays if not coming to a temporary halt, cost have increased with a levy now being charged to PFC on all Transatlantic Air Freight. We are also seeing a large increase in US Dollar cost due to the Pound Sterling and Euro collapse in the last week. 


We hope this will be only temporary, we are doing as much as we can to absorb the increase in cost, but invariably there will be cost implications, but with the extreme situation we all find ourselves in we don't know how long this will be in effect, rest assured we will do our best to minimise these extra cost to our customers.



Baler Automatic Applicators, Moisture Meters (Sensors), Traceability, Tarpaulins and much more from PFC




Special introductory price for our 3 new product ranges from PFC


LAMMA Review PFC New Product Range




Elkaer HEDGE BUSTING SAW,  exclusive to PFC UK & Ireland, 

HEDGE BUSTER SAW PAGE - Contact PFC today for prices and products available

New Exiting cutter saw for heavy brush cutting


Elkaer Saw on Fendt Tractor Loader Link to video


Elkaer Saw on JCB Link to Video



PFC Forage Solutions - LOW COST Semi Automatic Applicators, exclusive to PFC


PFC FORAGE SOLOUTIONS PAGE - Contact PFC today for prices and products available


New low-cost Semi-Automatic Applicators for Balers, Forage Harvesters, Forage Wagons, Crimping Equipment


  • High Volume Semi-Automatic Applicators for Balers, Forage Wagons, Forage Harvesters
  • High Volume Applicators for Crimping
  • Low and Ultra Low Semi-Automatic applicators for Balers, Forage Wagons, Forage Harvesters
  • Front Linkage Drum and Shrink-Wrap carrier and Semi-Automatic Applicator



PFC Forage Solutions LOW COST  -  H2O Precision Moisture Meters, exclusively TO PFC


Contact PFC today for prices and products available


New H2O Precision Moisture Meters for Large Square Balers, Round Baler, and Conventional Small Square Balers, operate from an iPad, iPhone or Android phone


Low Cost H2O Precision Moisture Meter


The most accurate moisture meter and only precision meter on the market using Star-Wheel on square balers to measure through the bale side to side or disc on both sides of the bale chamber on round balers to measure through the bale side to side


  • Large Square H2O Precision Moisture Meters 8% to 72% moisture
  • Round H2O Precision Moisture Meters 8% to 60% moisture
  • Small Square H2O Precision Moisture Meters 8% to 72% moisture




We supply a large amount of complimentary parts for all balers that will enhance the baler operation, from Moisture Meters (Sensors), Automatic Applicators and Traceability, PFC are supply partners with AGCO (Massey Ferguson & Fendt), CNHi (New Holland & Case IH) and Kuhn

Winter Equipment Special Offers until Janth 2019


Please select a brand from one of PFC's supply partners


  • HayBoss G2
  • Baler's Choice
  • ThirtyPlus
  • ProID
  • CropSaver
  • CropID
  • Harvest Tec
  • Baler's Choice


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