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2018 New Product Bulletin

Precision H2O Moisture Sensor for Round Balers.  Available June 1st 2018.

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 H2O Moisture Sensor

Low cost moisture sensor for round balers, accurately measure 8% to 60% moisture

Display moisture via Bluetooth onto iPad, iPhone or Android Phone



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Beat the wet weather


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New Front Linkage automatic and fixed rate applicator systems

Hay and straw preservative

Silage buffered acid additive

Premium unique tie-down Tarpaulins


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Premium buffered acid (6.0pH) hay preservatives for quality hay and straw


Bale hay or straw with confidence up to 30% moisture

Kills mould and bacteria, which stops fermentation and heating

Buffered Acid pH 6.0

Machinery safe

Livestock and horse safe (approved EU Directive 1831, approved to feed to all livestock and horses)

Quality high moisture hay, more feed, higher feed quality


Silage Plus Additive


Silage Plus for wrapped bales:


Silage Plus for clamped silage:


For quality plastic wrapped silage and haylage bales, and for clamped/bunker silage

Buffered acid kills bacteria and enhances fermentation

Quality forage with reduced losses

Machinery safe

Livestock and horse safe

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