With the ever changing  pressures on the agricultural sector, financial, weather related and COVID-19, PFC are increasing its range of product lines we can now offer, there are now two options PFC and PFC Agri Solutions, this is to help you enhance your choices and profitability


PFC are continuing to supply the range of Harvest Tec equipment and Preservative through our supplier partners AGCO (Massey Ferguson & Fendt), CNHi (Case IH & New Holland) and Kuhn, and your OEM supplier

  • Harvest Tec Automatic Baler Applicators
    • Custom made to your baler model to ensure easy fitting and minimum fabrication
    • ISOBUS integration with our partner OEM's AGCO and CNHi on their large square balers
  • Baler's Choice (AGCO) , CropSaver (New Holland)  and ThirtyPlus (Case IH) hay preservative
  • To see more please click the logo link to the baler brand above


PFC Agri Solutions offer all other products direct from PFC at extremely competitive pricing

Available from PFC Agri Solutions direct are:

  • Awemak Cultivation Equipment
  • Performer Tarpaulins
  • Elkaer Hedge Busting Saw
  • H2O Precision Moisture Meters
  • PFC Agri Solutions applicators


NEW & exclusively from PFC Agri Solutions our brand new extremely price competitive range of cultivation equipment from Awemak.

Strength - Reliability - Quality - Extremely Price Competitive






New Products for 2020 from PFC Agri Solutions

LAMMA Review PFC New Product Range


And our well proven Performer Tarpaulins

Performer Tarpaulins


Awemak Cultivation Equipment

PFC Agri Solutions - Cultivation Equipment


Elkaer HEDGE BUSTING SAW, exclusive to PFC UK & Ireland 

Hedge Buster Saw Page - Contact PFC Agri Solutions today for prices and products available



Semi-Automatic Applicators for Balers, Forage Harvesters, Forage Wagons, Crimping Equipment  --  PFC Agri Solutions - Low-Cost

PFC Agri Solutions Page - Contact PFC Agri Solutions today for prices and products available



H2O Precision Moisture Meters  --  PFC Agri Solutions LOW COST 

Exclusively to PFC for all balers & operated from an iPad, iPhone or Android phone


PFC Agri Solutions Page - Contact PFC Agri Solutions today for prices and products available






We supply a large amount of complimentary parts for all balers that will enhance the baler operation, from Moisture Meters (Sensors), Automatic Applicators and Traceability, PFC are supply partners with AGCO (Massey Ferguson & Fendt), CNHi (New Holland & Case IH) and Kuhn



Please select a brand from one of PFC's supply partners


  • HayBoss G2
  • Baler's Choice
  • ThirtyPlus
  • ProID
  • CropSaver
  • CropID
  • Harvest Tec
  • Baler's Choice


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